The Pérouges tart- a step back in time

Officially classified as one of ‘The most beautiful villages of France’ (yes, there is a committee for this), we had been meaning to visit Pérouges since we moved to Lyon. This Sunday brought blue skies and 15°C (almost scarily warm … Continue reading

We’ll Never Be Rested: What if Parents Rewrote the Lyrics to Lorde’s ‘Royals’?

This made me laugh; glad to see some parents are getting creative in their zombie state! Those of you who have kids can relate I’m sure, for those of you who don’t – sleep, sleep now while you can! Have a great weekend everyone.

Josh Stearns

Lorde’s song “Royals” was everywhere in 2013. But my wife and I wondered, what if instead of a 17 year-old superstar, it was overtired parents of young kids who had written this song. The lyrics below are the result. My friend, singer/songwriter Lisa Hillary  recorded our lyrics and it is amazing. Listen to the track and go check out Lisa’s music.

UPDATE: Thanks to fans of the song we now have a video! Check it out.

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