DSC00280We had friends down from Paris this weekend to toast the arrival of our bundle of joy, Marcel (who is almost two months old).  A friend suggested getting in a case of Champagne towards the end of my pregnancy so it was ready and chilled for visitors as soon as the baby arrived, I’m glad I did.


The French will find you more than one occasion to drink champagne in the year, a wedding, a holiday, and many a birthday will not go without (much to my delight!). My husband is from the Champagne region of France, and there they seem to triple the occasions to pop a cork. The nice thing about the Champagne region is that you don’t have to go with the big Champagne houses to get a nice bottle, we went with a small producer from my husband’s parent’s village for the Champagne pictured above and we were not disappointed.


DSC00283So Saturday was spent eating double chocolate cake and poppy seed short breads I found at our local bakers (yes, I know, not homemade but I have a new born remember?). We had such a nice weekend with friends, my batteries are all recharged for the week ahead!

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