Baby nursery, minus the pink and blue bunnies


Not a fan of pink and blue bunnies? Who said that babies liked teddy bears dressed as cowboys anyway?

When decorating my new son’s nursery I wanted to stay as much as possible away from gender colours and traditional cutesy themes, no judgment, they’re just not us. When I told my grandmother that I was planning on a black/white/grey and yellow palette, she responded “you can’t put a baby in grey, why don’t you go for pastels”. Pastels for a nursery? Again not us.

I wanted to get really involved in making lots of things for my son’s nursery, somehow convinced that he would feel the love and hours of sewing put into his room, silly right? Or maybe we can feel vibes from hand-made things… In any case it was very therapeutic to customise his bed set whilst talking to him (my bump) and telling him how happy I was to be preparing his arrival.

I bought the cheapest cot bumper in white from Ikea and customised it with black ribbon.


I made a garland in yellow and grey felt discs, with a couple of pale turquoise ones to lift the colours.


We bought all of the furniture in white for a white room and made a black back drop for the cot with a Manhattan skyline crafted in washi tape – my husband spent hours doing this by hand over two weekends – so cute.


I also ordered a Wimmer-Ferguson mobile for above his bed. I’m not really a fan of traditional mobiles as the baby tends not to get a good view of whatever is dangling (being forced to look at stuffed toy’s arses).  So I went for something that was maybe less aesthetic but by far more stimulating for Marcel. What’s more I can change the images, so that they get more and more complex and interesting for his little developing eyes.

Et voila! This is the result.


(Note there is a little teddy that has managed to sneak in to the bed. In his defense he is Paddington Bear, bread and bought in London, so as a British icon we’ll let him stay.)

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