French love: Laetitia & Martin

Allow me to inject a little looove into your weekend with this new piece I’ll be running monthly. Each month I’ll be asking French couples to answer set questions (separately) on their relationship, and bringing to you their thoughtful, insightful, and sometimes cheeky answers (yay! The rude bits are always my favorite!).

Our first couple of the month is Laetitia & Martin, they are both in their early thirties and have been together since 2010. Laetitia is a very dear friend of mine, we met in high school way too many years ago, and she now lives in the north of France with her new hubby and gorgeous baby daughter. She is half French, half Australian, and Martin is French, so we totally understand each other on the mixed anglo-frenchie relationship balance ;-). They are currently counting down the days to a trip of a lifetime honeymoon they will be taking in January in the Caribbean! Check out how cute these guys are:


(Above: Martin’s photo choice)

How and where did you guys meet?

Laetitia: At Charles’ place, by pure coincidence. Martin wasn’t supposed to be there. (side note:Charles’ is a mutual friend)

Martin: At Charles’ place, for the first time when we were about eighteen, and then a  lot later on one summers night. I was exhausted, I wasn’t supposed to go out that night and then…

Where was your first date? What did you do? How did you feel at the end of the date?

Laetitia: At your sister’s place, what do you think we did ?? !! I felt exhausted and completely in love!!!!

Martin: At your sister’s place. We had a few drinks and then things got intimate! At the end of the date, I was completely serene, with the feeling that this was something different and fantastic.

At what point did you know your relationship was serious?

Laetitia: When Martin came back from Argentina a month and a half into our relationship. He asked me to move in with him.

Martin: When I went to Chilli for three weeks. Enforced separation.

Martin, tell me something about the photo you chose (above):

Martin: It’s a little relaxed and tender moment together on holiday.

The best presents you have ever received from each other?

Laetitia: First present. A necklace with the inscription “Love you forever”

Martin: My watch, Weber accessories, and a couple of little bits and bobs that say a lot about her love for me.

Your best vacation together?

Laetitia: We have only had one holiday as a couple, just the two of us in the south of France, and I was preggers!! A real sleeping beauty!!!

Martin: The two of us together at my parent’s holiday home in the south of France. However our honeymoon will probably be one thousand times better!

Are there any boundaries in your relationship?

Laetitia: Our respect for each other is the boundary we hardly ever cross.

Martin: There is a limit we don’t cross where the other is no longer respected, where your partner’s needs are no longer taken into consideration.

What’s the secret to a long lasting couple?

Laetitia: Kindliness

Martin: Communication and sex


(above: Laetitia’s photo choice)

Laetitia, tell me something about this photo of you both (above):

Laetitia: We love being stupid together!!

Do you have an ‘our song’?

Laetitia: Rita Mitsouko « Clown de mes malheurs »

Martin: « Clown de mes malheurs »

(side note: Would have loved to bring you a link to this song, but it’s the hardest song ever to find! If anyone out there can find it please let me know :-)

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