Finally understanding ‘date night’

Image Photo: Before babyhood – a weekend at a music festival in Berlin.

Before we had a baby, I didn’t get the ‘date night’ concept, in fact I thought it was corny. As a carefree couple in our late twenties through to our early thirties, ‘date night’ was all the time. I literally hated being in on a Friday or Saturday night, so from Friday drinks to diner, concerts, cinema, theater or whatever else was going on in town, wherever we happened to be, we would be out most weekends and a couple of nights in the week. It made things exciting and carefree. No, things were exciting and carefree.

Now we are parents and our life has changed in many wonderful ways (it’s another kind of exciting), but let’s face it, spur of the moment plans and nights out are no longer on the agenda. In fact our agenda now seems to be baby, work, baby, sleep. Even when we’ve put him down for the night, we’re so exhausted that sometimes we eat opposite each other like zombies. I didn’t expect there to be so little ‘us’ time for parents…

Hence my excitement when my in-laws were down for the weekend and offered to babysit on Saturday night! It was our first night out since Marcel was born three and a half months ago, and it made me see ‘date night’ in a whole new light. Image As a less frequent and more special occasion, we went about going out in a whole new way. We both made the effort to look extra nice for each other (like when we first met!), I found my husband putting on a skinny sixties tie (that I love) to take me out to dinner – he never puts on a tie to go out! I spent extra time giving myself a facial and putting on scented cream, it made me feel good.

We went to a great restaurant called Chez Augusto, and we spent time together out of the house, with no distractions like TV, phones, computers, or baby monitors. It made sure we were entirely dedicated to each other for a couple of hours (again – three months ago I took all of this for granted). We were also very relaxed to be away from home, it really helped me let go and stopped me thinking in between each bite “is that the baby I can hear?”. We had so much fun, laughed all night and even caught up on things we had forgotten to tell each other in the hectic new home life we are living. I also felt like we were having some real adult time together (as a pose to spending our time singing and dancing in front of our baby son to make him laugh). This all contributed to making the food and wine taste extra good! Image Over all we reconnected and I realised that a cuddle on the couch in front of the TV is nice at the end of a long day, but spending some real one on one time together once in a while, is more than essential. Especially since all of your spare time is now dedicated to a new member of your clan! Image What are your feelings on date night? Do you have any tips on making time for your couple?

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