7 party games for a family Christmas

Games that can be played in all languages!


Wink murder

Number of players: Minimum five

Cut up a small piece of paper per player. One piece of paper should have an ‘M’ on it for murderer and another ‘D’ for detective. The other papers should all have a ‘V’ for victim.

Shuffle all the pieces in a hat/bag, then ask each player to pick one.

If you are the m murderer, you kill the other players by giving a discrete wink at your intended target, being careful not to get caught (and trying to work out who the detective is).

If you’re the detective, your job is to work out who the killer is.

If you are a victim, and you are winked at you must die (straight away) giving a melodramatic performance.

The game ends when the detective finds the murderer.

The adverb Game

Number of players: Minimum four

Player one leaves the room. The rest of the players choose an adverb (eg ‘happily’, ‘awkwardly’, or ‘miserably’. If you are playing with foreigners you just need a dictionary to translate the adverb). Player one comes back and has to guess the adverb. He/she can either ask questions, requesting that they be answered ‘in the manner of the word’. Or ask the other players to act out a situation ‘in the manner of the word’, for example:-riding a bike or getting out of bed.

Kipper racing

Number of players: Minimum two

What you need: Paper/newspaper, scissors

Each player cuts his own kipper from a sheet of paper or newspaper. All of the fish are put in a row and each player has to fan their kipper towards the finish line with a magazine. Obviously the first to cross is the winner!

Toothless vegetables

Number of players: Minimum two

Players take turns to name a fruit or vegetable without showing their teeth. Should a player show their teeth or laugh, they’re out. Once a fruit or vegetable is named it cannot be repeated.


The yes and no game

Number of players: Minimum two

Choose a player. He/she has only one minute to answer as many questions from the other players as possible, without saying yes or no. Only those who make it to the end get a point, playing in teams makes it fun, the player or the team with the most points once everyone has taken a turn, wins.

Ready steady unwrap

Number of players: Minimum 3 (but the more the merrier)
What you need:  one pair of dice, two oven gloves or a pair of mittens, one prize, wrapping paper.

Put the prize in a box and wrap it well in many layers of wrapping paper. Place the wrapped prize in the middle of the table with the mittens/oven gloves and dice.

Each person takes a turn at rolling the dice. When someone scores a double they must pass the dice on, put on the mittens/oven gloves and try to unwrap the prize as fast as possible (whilst wearing the mittens).

During this time, the other players keep rolling the dice until one of them gets a double. They then take the mittens/oven gloves from the other player and try to unwrap the prize.

This goes on until someone has managed to take off the last layer of paper and is declared the winner!


Ping Pong Blow

Number of players: Minimum 2

Create two teams, take opposite sides of a table. Each team must kneel down with arms behind their backs. The aim of the game is to blow the ping pong ball off of the opponent’s side.

Hope you have fun playing these. Happy holidays to all!

Love, Kirsty xxx


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