Lunch in Paris – Le Marais


I was in Paris for work last week and I took advantage of being in the capital to catch up with a friend for lunch. I lived in the capital for most of my twenties and still miss it today. I can’t explain what it is, I feel like the ground aches with history and the excitement of the millions who have walked the streets of such a beautiful city. You can’t buy atmosphere, but if Paris could bottle up its buzz, I would be the first to order. I never got bored of living in Paris; I never ceased to be wowed by the Eiffel Tower when it sparkled on the hour as night time drew in (literally the lights burst into sparkle mode); I never tired of the metro, the amazing buskers, the cafés, the bars, the night life…


Lunch with my friend Jérôme took me to a quarter that used to be my Sunday haunt, ‘le Marais’ situated in the 3rd and 4th arrondissement.  It’s a shame I didn’t manage to make it to Paris before Christmas, as I fell upon this great shop that could have made shopping for the men in my family much easier! Check out how cool this shop called ‘L’Eclaireur’ is for men (12 rue Malher, Paris 4):



 From accessories to shoes – I love their stuff.


I ate just over the road in ‘Le Loir dans la Théière’, literally translated: ‘The dormouse in the tea pot’, though it’s not an Alice in Wonderland themed restaurant.



Here they make great homemade soup and quiche served with salad, but everyone goes for their dessert counter. This black forest gateau was to die for.


You can also get great falafels in the Marais, and there is more than one ‘not to be missed’ museum in this part of the city such as Victor Hugo’s house and ‘La maison Européen de la Photographie’, if only I had had more time! Ahhhhhhh Paris, I miss you.

If you’re lucky enough to be going to Paris don’t hesitate to contact me if ever you have any questions, I’ll do my best to help : )

Kirsty x

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