King for a day

This Sunday all of the bakeries were full of these delicious flaky, almond paste filled cakes, as the French celebrated the Epiphany with the traditional ‘galette des rois’ or ‘king’s cake’ (in reference to the three kings).


Every ‘galette’ comes with a paper crown. I bought this little one for my husband and I to share. Non for Marcel this year I’m afraid, his gums are not going to get him far on something so crisp.


Inside each cake a miniature porcelain charm is hidden before it’s baked.


If you are given a slice with the charm in, you are king for the day! To ensure there is no cheating, the youngest person in the room goes under the table when the cake is being cut and designates which slice is for which guest. This way, should the knife by chance hit the charm (which happens more often than you would think) the person calling out the slices cannot see.


Guess who got the charm in our house? Must be my lucky year : )


One thought on “King for a day

  1. Mon Dieu! French pastries… 2003, on a two week promenade du velo in the French Alps and nearby, we descended rapidly from Mont du Chat, through the steep switchbacks of road D42, to the town of Le Bourget-du-Lac. Arriving famished but a bit too late for le déjeuner, we found a pastry shop that had not yet closed. 15 hungry cyclists happily consumed all of the remaining pastries on display, also making le propriétaire very happy.

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