Dear kind Stranger


Dear kind Stranger,

You befriended me last week as I queued one morning at the chemist with my baby, late for work.

You must have known that my husband was away on his third business trip this month, and you must have read the utter fatigue etched onto my once bright face as you waved your hand to catch my eye and beckon me over to your till that seemed to be moving faster.

As I came over, you smiled a heartwarming smile and said to me, “I’m retired, I have time, please take my place. You have a baby and I imagine a job to get to.”

I burst into tears.

Your spontaneous act of kindness on a morning when I had already been vomited on twice before 8am, was overwhelming. You saw through the bags under my eyes and the greasy hair, and you reached out. I wasn’t even looking at you, you came over to help.

When are strangers that kind? Not very often in my books, and yet there you were to restore my faith in people.

You then gave me your phone number and told me that if you could help in any way I was to call. I had never met you before, you owed me nothing, and yet you were genuine. So genuine. Christiane a retired nurse, you chose a job that involved caring for others and you obviously can’t stop.

And despite not being a particularly religious person, I couldn’t help but notice that your name bares reference to that of a man who once taught what it was to love.

You loved me on that morning and I was profoundly touched.

I hope you too are loved Christiane.

Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Dear kind Stranger

  1. What a wonderfully beautiful thing that stranger did. If we all took a little time to really notice others like that stranger did, the world would be a much happier place I am sure. A lovely post.

    • So true, wouldn’t life be great with more like her. We all walk around with blinders on, stuck in our own ‘today’. She was such a lovely person, it was like she had life figured out. (Congrats on being Freshly pressed! I loved your article on children and galleries). x

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