The Pérouges tart- a step back in time


Officially classified as one of ‘The most beautiful villages of France’ (yes, there is a committee for this), we had been meaning to visit Pérouges since we moved to Lyon. This Sunday brought blue skies and 15°C (almost scarily warm when you think we’re still in February!), and we headed out with Marcel in the baby pouch to visit the home of the Pérouges tart.


It was like going back in time, with many of the houses dating back to the 14th Century.  It‘s an amazing medieval village, it was literally like walking around in the past, nothing is spoilt, and the doors and windows are all so tiny; I kept expecting d’Artagnan or another Three Musketeers type character to step out of one of the beautiful buildings.


The ‘Galette’ of Pérouges is literally the village specialty (so funny that such a small place should have its own specialty). It is a crusty pastry, with a simple base of flour, sugar, eggs, and butter, and after being cooked in a hot stove the tart is sprinkled with extra sugar.


You could see the bakers in the windows of the ‘Old Pérouges Hostelry’ making the tart. This famous Inn dates back to the 13th century and is on a beautiful village square where witches were once burnt at the stake!


We had a really nice day and we were blown away by how authentic the preservation of the village was. If you are lucky enough to spend a day here make sure you don’t take a pram, the streets are all cobbled.

I’m so refreshed by the sunny weekend we’ve had, all set for a new week, have a good Monday all – sending you positive vibes!

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